Downsized Paralegal Lisa Ferguson Offers Transcription And Litigation Support Services

Like so many workers these days, after many years of gainful employment, Lisa Ferguson found herself in the position of looking for work. Lisa has seventeen years in the legal field. She has worked in the Lisa Fergusoncourt, as a Landlord/Tenant Clerk, and she has worked as a Legal Assistant for Liberty Mutual and Zurich North America insurance companies. She has also worked as for her local county law department. She has provided an array of litigation support functions throughout her career, from scheduling depositions to performing electronic legal research and drafting pleadings.

After spending countless hours posting resumes on job sites, submitting resumes to job postings in newspaper want ads and going on numerous interviews only to learn that for each interview that she did land, there were a minimum of fifty other workers applying to, or being interviewed for, that same position, she decided that she needed a new approach to here situation.

Finally, Lisa decided that instead of competing with countless others for one position, she could market her skills, as an independent contractor, directly to employers, large and small. Her business, New York Trial Assistant, offers transcription of audio and digital voice files, electronic legal research, document drafting; including summonses and complaints, answers and motions, document retrieval, calendar maintenance, scheduling IMEs, depositions, etc. and every aspect of litigation support.

When asked why she decided to give up the job search, Lisa responded, “Because opportunity doesn’t always knock on your door. In these economic times, you have to create your own opportunities.”

She may have found her niche. She says that she has a few steady clients, and she is able to work on her own schedule. She was happy to give up the four hours of commuting time, and she is grateful for the time she gets to spend with her family.

When asked how she likes being in business for herself she said, “It’s a slow process, but, I am sure things will work out in the long run.”

Ms. Ferguson a member of the National Association of Professional Women. For more information about her and the services she provides, view her profile at:

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