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The Divorce Handbook Helps Reduce Legal Fees and Stress

Donald Baker’s book, The Divorce Handbook: How to Put the Worst Behind You – Quickly, Fairly, and Finally is a comprehensive guide to the emotional and legal struggles of divorce. The first three chapters are available for free at bakerandbakerlaw.com

About The Divorce Handbook
The Divorce Handbook covers topics of concern for someone going through divorce – from custody and support questions to property division guidelines. Baker has simplified the process so that divorce need not be needlessly painful—or expensive.

“Going through separation and divorce is a traumatic, life-altering experience. It’s difficult enough from an emotional standpoint,” Baker explains, “On top of everything else, there are grave and consequential issues and decisions you must face which will affect the rest of your life. It’s critical that you obtain good legal advice.”

While many assume that a book written by a lawyer would hold only legal advice, much of the advice is how to approach the emotional conflicts that are likely to come up in separation. For example, the author reveals how to explain divorce to children so that they do not feel they are at fault. Baker’s goal with the book, above all, is to make divorce as smooth an experience as possible: “I sincerely hope that you find this booklet useful, as many thousands already have.”

To learn more about Baker & Baker, visit http://bakerandbakerlaw.com.

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How a Divorce Lawyer In Atlanta Can Help In Getting Child Custody

The family is the smallest unit of society. It is where love, education and values are flourished. That’s why divorce is the last thing that every family wants to experience. But if there’s irreconcilable difference or violence occurring between the couple, then it is the best option to ensure the welfare of each member, especially the children.

More often than not, divorce is a traumatizing experience for the couple and their children. Aside from the legal process of separation, there’s the battle for child custody. To have an advantage over the case, one must find a professional divorce lawyer in Altanta. Although it doesn’t give a 100% guarantee of winning custody, having an attorney with experience will puts you one step ahead in the case.

Two Areas Of Child Custody

Physical Custody. This area of custody refers to where the child lives. Physical custody can be granted to both parents where they can agree on the schedule to have equal sharing of time. Meanwhile, a sole physical custody can be granted to one parent where the other parent is granted with visitation rights.

Legal Custody. This area of custody can be granted jointly to both parents or to one parent only. Here, the legal custodian/s can make educational, medical, and religious decisions concerning about the child’s welfare.

By assisting you in making stable grounds for the case, the divorce lawyer in Atlantacan increase your chances in getting the best agreement doable for both parties.

Types Of Child Custody

The battle of child custody can land either on the following circumstances: (1) Sole Custody where only one person is granted for the child custody. (2) Joint Custody where both parents share the custody of the child even when they are already separated. They also have equal rights and responsibilities for their child. (3) Split Custody where each parent have custody for the respective children like the mother having custody of her son living with her and the father having custody of his daughter living with him. (4) Shared Custody where there’s an equal agreement for both parties to spend time with the child. A divorce lawyer in Atlanta explains each type of custody so his/her client knows what to expect when the judge’s verdict is released.

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