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Law Firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP Has Won Substantial Compensation For The Widow Of A Cyclist Killed In A Fatal Collision With An HGV

The driver of the HGV collided with the cyclist, Stephen Ferguson, despite the fact that Mr Ferguson was directly in front of his vehicle.

In April 2007, Mr Ferguson, a father of three from Dulwich in South East London was cycling to work when he approached a set of traffic lights on red. Passing a stationary HGV, he positioned himself in front of it, ready to cycle off when the lights went green. The driver, whose HGV was missing a nearside mirror, failed to see Mr Ferguson in front of his vehicle and when the lights changed, moved off, driving over Mr Ferguson and his bicycle, killing him instantly.

Mr Ferguson’s widow Emma instructed Field Fisher Waterhouse’s personal injury partner, Jill Greenfield and associate, Mark Bowman to represent her in a claim (Case number: 41899.1) against Hendricks Lovell Limited, the haulage company which employed the driver of the HGV.

Hendricks denied causing the road traffic accident but during investigations it was established that the driver had his radio on, had an open newspaper on the passenger seat and was missing one of his mirrors. Hendricks finally agreed to pay substantial financial compensation to Emma Ferguson and her three young children, now aged six, four and one.

Mark Bowman, solicitor at Field Fisher Waterhouse commented: “This tragic case highlights the danger that HGVs pose to cyclists and why they must be fitted with the correct mirrors. More needs to be done to ensure that cycling in London is safe and that these accidents happen far less.”

Emma Ferguson said: “I would like to thank Field Fisher Waterhouse for all their amazing work. This will make a real difference to the children’s future. I am, and I know Stephen would be, very grateful to them for that.”


About Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP is a full service European law firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg, Paris, London and Manchester and exclusive relationships with Spanish firm Jiménez de Parga and Italian firm, La Scala. The firm has over 120 partners, 220 other lawyers and nearly 300 support staff. FFW assists a wide range of international clients, advising across the full range of legal issues.

The firm’s main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, IP and technology, banking and finance, regulatory and real estate. FFW also has particular expertise in employment & pensions, dispute resolution, tax and competition & EU law, Medical NegligenceSpinal Injury and Personal Injury Claims.

The international client base includes listed and unlisted companies, multinationals, banks and other financial institutions, professional partnerships, trade associations and Government departments. A distinctive feature of the firm is its industry focus, acknowledged as leading experts in the public sector, technology and media sectors.

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Field Fisher Waterhouse recovers substantial compensation against Barts & the London NHS Trust on behalf of brain-damaged youth

Law firm, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP has recovered a substantial sum in compensation on behalf of Matthew Ellerbeck, who sustained serious brain damage after contracting herpes at the age of six.

In 1997, Matthew suffered a prolonged convulsion, and was taken in an ambulance to the A&E department of the Royal London Hospital. Herpes Simplex Encephalitis (HSE) should have been suspected, and aciclovir (an antiviral drug) should have been administered immediately. However the drug was not given to Matthew until over 30 hours later.

As a result of this delay, Matthew sustained serious brain damage. He is now 17, and as a result of the brain damage he suffers daily epileptic attacks and severe learning difficulties, as well as serious attention and behavioural problems.

Matthew’s mother, Susan Culling, brought the case against Barts & the London NHS Trust on his behalf in the High Court. Richard Earle, a lawyer in the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse, conducted Matthew’s case to settlement.

The hospital accepted the delay in treating the HSE was negligent, but it argued that most of the damage and subsequent consequences to Matthew would have occurred anyway.

The case had gone on for nine years, in which time a number of concessions were made by the hospital, when a settlement was agreed two months before the case was due to go to trial.

Following this long legal battle, Field Fisher Waterhouse recovered substantial damages. This includes provision for periodical (annual) payments to be made for the rest of Matthew’s life to cover his care and accommodation needs.

Susan Culling said: “I was determined to press on and seek justice for Matthew. I am very pleased at the level of compensation which will make a huge difference to Matthew’s life.”

Richard Earle said: “I am absolutely delighted that substantial damages have been recovered on Matthew’s behalf, in what was an extremely complex case on the medical evidence where both Matthew’s lawyers and medical team had worked extremely hard to overcome the Defendant’s arguments on causation. This will improve the quality of Matthew’s life and provide protection for the future.”

Matthew was represented by James Badenoch QC and Dennis Matthews of Counsel.

About Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP:
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP is a full-service European law firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg and London. With 119 partners, over 200 other lawyers and nearly 300 support staff, we assist a wide range of international clients, advising across a full range of legal issues.

The main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, IP and technology, banking and finance, regulatory and real estate. Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP also have particular expertise in competition & EU law, dispute resolution, employment, personal injury and clinical negligence, public sector and tax.

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